Pink, pink grass of home

It's time to enjoy the beauty of autumn — and you can do so by wandering through a sea of pink grass in Shanghai's outskirts.
Ti Gong

People wander through the pink grass field in Jinshan.

Tourism officials are urging residents to get their fill of the blooming sea of pink grass in suburban Jinshan District.

Formally called muhlenbergia capillaris — a native North American grass also known as hairawn muhly — the grass resembles as a gigantic blanket of pretty purple-pink flowers.  

They are growing in a field of more than 3,000 square meters near Luxiang Fruit Park in Luxiang Town. Officials said on Tuesday the fluffy pink presentation serves as a fantastic backdrop for people to take pictures.

The grass was planted by a travel company to attract visitors and the site is open to the public free of charge in October and November. A path in the field allows visitors to walk through the flowers and take photos.

The pink field's appearance as a popular tourist attraction began two years ago, when images of the grass went viral on social media.

As a result of people flocking into the field, some plants were damaged, reports said. This year the tourism authority is calling on people to enjoy the flowers in a civilized manner.

Besides Jinshan, Shanghai's Songjiang District also has a pink grass field in Songjiang College Town.

Ti Gong
Ti Gong

A woman checks her camera to see if she has captured the pink grass in Jinshan.

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