Impressive new traffic camera captures ten different offences

From late September up to now, seven of the cameras have recorded 12,992 traffic offenses, police say.
Ti Gong

A car is caught driving against the traffic at the crossroads of Dahua and Hualing roads.

A new traffic police camera able to capture 10 different traffic offenses has been installed in seven locations across the city, police said on Friday.

From late September up until now, the seven cameras have recorded 12,992 traffic offenses.

This is the most versatile traffic police camera in Shanghai so far. Earlier last month, police rolled out a camera which can capture nine kinds of offenses.

The new camera solely targets motor vehicle traffic offenses, which include red light running, driving on yellow lines, driving in the wrong direction, driving in a bike lane, not giving way to pedestrians, and making illegal U-turns.

The new cameras are located at the crossroads of Hutai and Yichuan Roads, Dahua and Hualing Roads, Jinding and Zizhou Roads, Minxing and Baotou Roads, Xiuyan Road and Kangxing Highway, Yingkou and Jiamusi Roads, and Tonghe and Huma Roads.

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