Young entrepreneurs compete to be selected as top talents in Shanghai

Winners will be entitled to targeted services from the government to grow their businesses.

Sixty-one candidates for this year’s “Young Talents of Entrepreneurship in Shanghai” started their nine-day competition on Saturday.

Chen Huizhi / SHINE

In the past two years, 64 entrepreneurs with businesses based in Shanghai were awarded in the program organized by the city government.

This year, the government planned to select 30 people from the competition, and like the previous winners, they will be entitled to targeted services from the government to grow their businesses.

During the competition which will be held on the next few weekends, the candidates will be rated on their performances on road shows, entrepreneurship competitions and teamwork. Meanwhile, they will also have the opportunity to talk to established entrepreneurs and be coached by them.

Most of the candidates, who were winners of an entrepreneurship competition organized by the Youth League Shanghai earlier this year as well as those recommended by district governments, have startup companies in the field of technology and Internet.

Wang Jianfeng, a 38-year-old entrepreneur of a tech company who has been working for himself for 10 years, said he hardly attended trainings or competitions like this when he started out, but he found them quite helpful after participating in some.

“Networking aside, the key to success for a startup remains in daily work of an entrepreneur on the project,” he said. “To succeed he has to be able to manage pressure, plan everything well and most importantly to employ professionals to work with him.”

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