Fire hazards discovered at Lujiazui highrises

Violations included people being illegally housed and residents charging e-bikes that could cause explosions.

Twenty-five fire hazards have been discovered at residential and commercial buildings in Lujiazui in a recent inspection, Pudong police said on Tuesday.

The violations included illegally accommodations, dangerous storing of objects, and residents charging e-bikes that could cause explosions, police said.

Most of the irregularities were dealt with on the scene, and police said they will see to it that the rest will be corrected as soon as possible.

In a highrise residential complex on Changyi Road, police found 20 people illegally accommodated in 10 rooms underground.

Ti Gong / SHINE
Ti Gong / SHINE

The property owner and management company of the residential complex were asked to remove the beds and to ensure no repeat of the violation.

The inspection was carried out with sub-district government officials, police, as well as employees from work safety, housing and construction authorities.

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