Middle-aged couple 'stole from Nike shop'

The suspects admitted stealing over 100 items of clothing, including three hats, as well as four pairs of sneakers during August and September, police said.

A local couple, described as being “about 50 years old,” have been detained for stealing over 70,000 yuan (US$11,000) worth of products from a Nike shop, Shanghai police said yesterday.

They added the suspects owned up to stealing more than 130 products from the shop in Jiangwancheng Road, Yangpu District, during August and September.

The woman suspect, surnamed Li, was caught red-handed stealing in the shop on September 29, police added.

The shop called police at Jiangwancheng Police Station about 7pm when the staff spotted her suspicious behavior, and police said they found two Nike tops in her bag.

Li initially claimed that she had never stolen from the shop before, but the manager told police that more than 100 pieces of garments and accessories had gone missing from the shop since the beginning of August.

Ti Gong / SHINE
Ti Gong / SHINE

Surveillance cameras showed that Li and a man had been in the shop several times in recent weeks, carrying backpacks or handbags. Li then admitted that she and her husband, a man surnamed Yu, had been stealing, said police.

Yu was caught later on the same day at the couple’s home in Xiangde Road in Hongkou District, where police said they had discovered stolen products from the shop.

The suspects said they took the products into a fitting room and then slipped them into their bags, police said, adding that the couple claimed they stole from the shop “only to wear” the products.

Investigation is continuing, but police said that neither suspect had a criminal record.

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