How to appreciate the most enchanting autumn landscapes in Shanghai

Shanghai's greenery authorities have released a map to enable residents to appreciate the hues of autumn.
How to appreciate the most enchanting autumn landscapes in Shanghai
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

A cyclist on Changping Road on Thursday, where red golden rain trees will soon be showing their resplendent foliage.

It’s time to capture the delights and colors of autumn.

Shanghai’s greenery authorities on Thursday released a map to enable citizens to do just that.

The official map by the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau lists the best times and locations to view autumn foliage plants across the city. It includes 42 streets and 49 parks.

“Shanghai’s autumn colors usually last about two months between late September and early December, and the nature’s kaleidoscopic display of fall colors is very enchanting and brilliant,” said Xu Xiaobo, deputy director of the Shanghai Greenery Management Station affiliated to the bureau.

“The transition time from late autumn to early winter, or between mid to late November and early to mid December, is the best time for shutterbugs to put autumn foliage plants in their lens,” Xu said.

Among autumn foliage plants in the city, the golden rain trees are the earliest to change color, and the best appreciation time for them is late September and October, he added.

The optimum time to view other plants such as the gingko, dawn redwood, golden wu huan zi (sapindus), chinar, Chinese tallow, sweet gum trees, and Chinese pistache is in late November.

The last plant to change hues is the red maple, with the best time to appreciate it being late November and early December, said Xu.

The Changping Road section between Jiangning Road and Wuning Road S. in Jing’an District, and the Dongquan Road section between Shilong and Luocheng roads in Xuhui District are probably the most ideal places for enjoying red golden rain trees, the earliest autumn foliage tree in Shanghai, the map reveals.

How to appreciate the most enchanting autumn landscapes in Shanghai
Zhang Suoqing / SHINE

This file photo taken on December 11, 2016 shows a public concert under resplendent golden gingko trees in front of Shanghai Concert Hall on Yan’an Road. The best time to appreciate gingko in the city is late November and early December.

People’s Avenue in Huangpu District, Yili Road in Changning District and Changde Road section between Yan’an Road M. and Beijing Road W. in Jing’an District are among the best spots to appreciate gingko in the city.

The Hengshan Road section between Taojiang and Tianping roads, and Wukang Road in Xuhui District are renowned locations to enjoy the charming landscape of chinar, according to the map.

The best time to visit People’s Avenue and Yili Road to enjoy seeing the gingko trees is late November, while Changde Road is recommended in early December to capture gingko views, the bureau said.

It also suggested people go to Hengshan Road and Wukang Road in late November as the best site to observe the golden yellow chinar.

The Luocheng Road section between Longchuan Road N. and Jialing Road in Xuhui District is recommended for red sweet gum trees in late November.

Late November is also the best time to visit Longxi Road in Changning District to enjoy the golden sapindus, sometimes known as soapberry, the map reveals.

Shanghai’s temperature and humidity are major challenges for the healthy growth of plants with colored leaves, said Zhang Guobing, an expert at the station.

The map also lists 49 parks to appreciate the most beautiful autumn scenery and Century Park, Chenshan Botanical Garden, People’s Park, Fuxing Park, Jing’an Park, Xujiahui Park, Zhongshan Park, and Guyi Garden are on the list.

The most commonly seen colors of foliage plants are red, golden yellow and purple red, the bureau said.

In addition, some autumn grasses such as foxtail fountain grass and ornamental grass can been found at Caoquyuan Garden in Huangpu District, according to the bureau.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said sunny to cloudy weather should dominate the city skies for several days, with temperatures staying stable.

Friday will be sunny with the mercury ranging from 14 to 21 degrees Celsius.

Saturday will be cloudy, with both the highest and lowest temperatures climbing 1 degree. It should be warmer on Sunday with a high of 21 degrees.

Both Monday and Tuesday will be sunny, but the mercury will fall, with temperatures ranging from 13 to 17 degrees on Monday, and 12 to 18 degrees on Tuesday.

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