Training center set up to address shortage of eye doctors

China's first training center for eye doctors from across the nation will focus on training young doctors, especially those from western and under-developed areas.

China’s first training center for eye doctors from across the nation was established in Shanghai at the weekend. It aims to resolve the shortage of eye professionals.

Set up by Tongji University’s School of Medicine and the private Shanghai Xinshijie Eye Hospital, the center will focus on training young doctors, especially those from western and under-developed areas.

A new society of ophthalmology was also established with participation of both state-owned medical facilities and private health facilities to further public health reform.

There are less than 40,000 ophthalmologists in the nation and less than 5,000 can perform intraocular surgery.

Even in a big city like Shanghai, there is one ophthalmologist for every 10,000 residents.

“In some remote areas of Qinghai Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, four to five doctors are responsible for eye disease treatment and care of several 100,000 populations,” said Dr Lian Jingcai, president of Shanghai Xinshijie Eye Hospital.

“The incidence of eye disease is rising and people’s demand on eye disease prevention and control are growing, while we are seriously short of eye doctors.”

The training center will offer comprehensive training on all kinds of eye surgeries, officials said.

Yan Dongfang, vice director of Shanghai Private Medical Facility Association, said private hospitals and clinics are taking a more important role in local health fields and they have become a necessary supplement to health service.

“Private hospitals are working closely with public hospitals and are increasingly involved in health industry,” Yan said.

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