Large parking facility to be built by Zhoupu East Metro station

It will include 500 underground parking slots and is expected to open in 2019.
Ti Gong / SHINE

The construction of a large car and bike park near Zhoupu East Metro station in suburban Pudong has started.

The “park and ride” facility, which is expected to open in 2019, will have 500 slots, with 50 for electric cars, according to the government.

There will also be a bike parking area as well as a bus station for six bus lines, and a taxi station with 30 parking slots and a further three for passengers to get on or off.

The facility is located east of the Metro station and between Zhujiagang Road to the north and Fanrong Road to the south. Entrances into the site from both roads are planned.

Once parked, people will have to cross the street by ground to get to the Metro station — about a 100-meter walk. A pedestrian bridge over the S3 Elevated Road will be built later, the government said.

The parking facility is expected to benefit residents of Zhoupu Town and Kangqiao Town and to improve the traffic order around the Metro station.

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