Teachers' job fair to be held next month

The demand for teachers has been increasing as a result of educational reforms and a growing population.

A job fair will be held on November 12 with about 500 local schools looking to recruit teachers, authorities announced on Monday.

According to statistics by the Shanghai Educational Human Resource Exchange and Service Center, schools have announced more than 9,400 vacancies this year, slightly more than the same period last year.

Jiang Ming, director of the center, said the increase came from different learning stages.

With the expected growing population caused by the new family planning plan that allows each couple to have two children, kindergartens and primary schools remain one of the biggest contributors for increasing demand, while middle schools are also looking for more teachers as more students graduate from primary schools.

High schools also need more teachers because the reform of college entrance exam, known as gaokao, makes class arrangements more complicated.

Students are now free to choose any three from six courses — politics, history, geography, chemistry, physics and biology, which creates 20 choices of course combinations, compared to six in the previous system —  liberal arts and science students choose one from three options respectively.

As the city has attached greater importance to vocational education and will host the WorldSkills Competition in 2021, more vocational schools will also attend the job fair, said Jiang.

More information is available on the website www.shehr.cn.

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