Cross-stitch work showing social vicissitudes

Residents create a long cross-stitch embroidery to reveal the before and after of the Pengpu Town.
Cross-stitch work showing social vicissitudes
Xiao Mingliang / Ti Gong

MORE than 300 residents in Pengpu Town spent more than a month creating a 10-meter-long cross-stitch embroidery tapestry detailing the history of the town.

It consists of 40 scenes, displaying before and after “snapshots” of 20 spots, from shabby houses to modern apartments, from old factories to new industrial parks.

Huo Shihong, who is in her 60s, cross-stitched the old look of Baiyiqiao Village — old dump piles, rutted roads, illegal structures and overgrown weeds.

“Today, you can hardly find a trace of the village past,” she said.

Another embroider, Yang Lu, moved to Pengpu in 2004.

“Over the years, illegal buildings were demolished, waterways were cleaned up and roads were widened,” she said. “Facilities for the elderly have been built. I feel like the government cares.”

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