Cooperation with publishing giant to build talent database

City's science authority signed a strategic cooperation memorandum to continue its cooperation with publishing giant Elsevier on the development of a local talent platform.

Shanghai Science and Technology Commission signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with publishing giant Elsevier Monday afternoon on its Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform program after they worked together for almost one year, the commission said.

The memorandum's signing marks the continuing and strengthening of their cooperation and more detailed plans will come out.

As a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information and analytics, Elsevier brings Shanghai its information and valuable research outcomes to serve Chinese scientific research and education. With its support, so far the public service platform -- a database of scientific talents -- has collected information about more than 100,000 elites, including over 36,000 foreign experts, 13,000-plus ethnic Chinese and nearly 50,000 domestic professionals in 269 fields.

The number of talents in this platform is expected to rise to 200,000 by the end of this year, after experts on arts, humanities and social sciences being taken in.

Meanwhile, three important talent reports under research will be released jointly —— “Global top talent list in the frontier research areas”,“Progress of research output in Shanghai” and “Distribution map of high end talents in Shanghai”, while more research plans are on the way.

The joint-study focuses on the optimal methodology of talent evaluation, aiming to support the introduction of high-end talents, and promote the local researchers' international cooperation as well as industry-university-research transformation. It will enhance Shanghai's international science and technology influence and help its construction to be a talent center.

"The efforts here to map top talents, top researchers, the 15,000 elites in Shanghai and Chinese and international scholars around the world are brilliant and we can build on that together to help drive the economy and to help inform policy in Shanghai with evidence," Dr. Alicia Wise, senior vice president of Elsevier's Global Strategic Networks, told Shanghai Daily.

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