Rats: Your time is up

The start of a one-month campaign to tackle rodents has begun. Autumn is a rat breeding season.
Rats: Your time is up


Authorities began placing rat poison across the city yesterday — marking the start of a one-month campaign to tackle rodents.

Autumn is a rat breeding season, and the rodent population is soaring. Authorities will spend the first 10 days of the campaign scattering toxic pellets at restaurants, supermarkets, wet markets, livestock farms, demolition sites and residential neighborhoods.

“We are using anticoagulants, the chronic and multiple-dose rodenticides, which are less harmful to human beings, pets and livestock,” said the Shanghai Patriotic Health Campaign Committee Office.

Warning plates, in Chinese and English, will be placed beside the red or green bait pellets. Officials advise parents, schools and education institutes to alert children of the campaign. Should they eat the bait by mistake, they should be taken to hospital immediately. 

Residents are urged to clean their houses and block up any channels rats might use to enter their homes. If they have concerns or problems with rodents, residents should dial 12320.

Rats: Your time is up

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