Misbehaving taxi and coach firms to be punished

The firms, which have flouted regulations, will be downgraded in Shanghai's credit rating system.

Cherry picking passengers and refusing to comply with inspections are the major causes behind 15 local taxi and bus or coach companies being downgraded in the third quarter this year, the city’s transportation commission said.

Shanghai has introduced a credit rating system and announces the evaluation every quarter in an effort to regulate transportation companies.

Those that are downgraded on the system will be subjected to more frequent spot checks and face being restricted on business applications and expansion plans.

Taxi firms, inter-provincial transport companies, dangerous goods transport firms, driving schools and vehicle maintenance firms are all targets of the credit rating system.

The commission released a list of companies to be downgraded since 2017 — 31 of which are facing punishment.

Among the 31, 10 are inter-provincial transport companies. The commission said some drivers from these companies refused to cooperate with official inspections at expressway petrol stations or toll gates.

These drivers often treated officers with rudeness, said Chen Xiaochen, an officer with the commission. “What is more, some even tried to race away when asked to do so. Some stopped, but left before the inspection, which is extremely dangerous."

Misbehaving taxi drivers are another cause of concern to the public. Five taxi firms are being downgraded for flouting regulations, but passenger cherry picking is the main problem, the commission said.

Cherry picking is rampant around the airports. On July 13, a taxi driver who had been waiting at Hongqiao airport refused to take a passenger to Huqingping Road as it “was way too close.” He persisted with his refusal even after an official at the scene warned him about the severity of his violation.

Law enforcement officers intervened, and as a result, the driver faces a 200 yuan (US$30) fine and a 15-day suspension.

Another problem that was cited are violations committed by driving school instructors training drivers. Seven driving schools are to be downgraded because some of their instructors weren’t certified to train drivers.

The commission stated it will put more effort into inspections, and officials have asked firms to strengthen their own management to prevent such violations in future.

The public is encouraged to dial 12345 to report irregular behavior and to supply video evidence. Both Chinese and English complaints will be accepted.

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