Shanghai air quality 'heavily polluted' today

Get out your masks and close your windows, folks, because Shanghai's air quality has taken a sudden dive, although the sky is expected to be blue again tomorrow.
Shanghai air quality 'heavily polluted' today
Andy Boreham / SHINE

A smog comparison between yesterday (left) and today. Note that Shanghai's famous skyline has disappeared from view.

Shanghai’s air quality is severely polluted today as the city is blanketed in thick smog.

The air quality index soared to 226 by 10am — considered "heavily polluted" — with PM2.5 being the major pollutant. The density of the hazardous compound has risen to 175.5 micrograms per cubic meter, seven times higher than healthy levels, according to the World Health Organization.

The smog was brought by a cold front from north China, the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center said.

Shanghai's Meteorological Bureau promised the air quality is expected to improve this evening, but the temperature will also drop considerably.

Shanghai air quality 'heavily polluted' today
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

People walk past a street in Shanghai on November 3 when Shanghai is blanketed in thick smog. 

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