Man who used car to nudge police detained

Refusing to wait in line, he pushed a police officer back with his car. Now he could face up to three years in prison.

A man in suburban Jinshan District has been detained for nudging traffic police with his vehicle during a traffic jam, police said on Friday.

The man, surnamed Gu, refused to wait while police attempted to clear the street after a traffic accident, using his vehicle to push a police officer who was standing in front of his car.

The incident took place at the scene of a traffic accident involving a car and an e-bike on Luoxing Road on Wednesday afternoon.

Gu became impatient while traffic was at a standstill, entering the wrong lane to pass the queue. He was immediately stopped by police who asked him to show his driving license and vehicle license, but he refused.

He later admitted his actions rose “out of unnecessary anger”. Now he could face up to three years in prison, according to China’s criminal law.

The police officer, who was pushed several meters, wasn’t injured, Jinshan police said.

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