Shanghai university students experience Japanese food education

The event has been organized annually to promote exchange between Chinese and Japanese young people.
Dong Jun / SHINE

Dozens of students at Shanghai University had a special experience of tasting Temaki sushi on Friday they made by themselves at an event organized by Kikkoman, famous Japanese manufacturer of soy sauce.

During the activity, each student was asked to make one hand roll for himself or herself and another for a friend.

Haruhiko Fukasawa, general manager of the foreign administration department of Kikkoman Corporation, said he wished the event would inspire students thinking about relation between food and health, as well as the role of food in special interpersonal relation.

A lecture was also held during the activity to educate students about healthy diet.

A survey conducted earlier this year showed that about 30 percent of local college students did not have breakfast.

The event has been organized annually to promote exchange between Chinese and Japanese young people since some Shanghai University students served in the MURASAKI restaurant at the Japan Corporation Pavilion during World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

Other activities organized included lectures, social investigations and writing contest in the theme of food. 

Dong Jun / SHINE
Dong Jun / SHINE
Dong Jun / SHINE
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