Anti-waste initiative teaches children to help those in need

A local food bank initiative has launched a four-month anti-waste campaign in cooperation with French retailer Carrefour.

A local food bank initiative launched an anti-waste campaign across Shanghai on Sunday, creating artworks using waste vegetables and auctioning them off to support those in need.

The campaign, initiated by local NGO Shanghai Oasis Public Development Center, will run for the next four months at eight of the city's Carrefour branches. 

The first stop was Carrefour's Jinqiao store in the Pudong New Area, which saw 20 kids and their parents create artworks on Sunday afternoon to raise funds and awareness.

Picking waste vegetables from a plastic crate, the participants used brushes to paint the vegetables and then pressed them on recycling bags. The plants' stems then formed pretty patterns with different colors to make a final piece of art. 

"We often take our boy to join charity activities when we have time," said Zhao, mother of a 10-year-old boy who took part. "I think children today need to participate in these activities to learn how to love and care for others, especially those who need help."

Hong Yumin, manager of Carrefour's Jinqiao branch, said the event teaches children to save food and recycle waste. "By making art on recycling bags using waste vegetables, their imaginations can also be evoked."

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