New charity fund to better connect donors with those in need

Xinhua Hospital today kicked off a new charity program aimed at connecting donors with patients who need their help.
Ti Gong

A charity medical consultation was launched today in Xinhua Hospital, which introduced a new charity program for needy patients. 

Xinhua Hospital today kicked off a new charity program aimed at connecting donors with patients who need their help.

The program features eight projects, each covering one type of disease, such as congenital heart diseases or leukemia.

Dr Cheng Ming, vice president of Xinhua Hospital, says that although all hospitals have charity programs to help needy patients, most of those in need are unaware such programs exist, while those who want to donate often can't find the right channels.

“Our projects will be promoted to all relevant doctors and patients, who can have better access to the support," Cheng added. "The conditions for applying to these projects will be publicized in the relevant departments.”

In order to ensure transparency, efficiency, and fairness, each project will be supervised by the China Children and Teenager's Fund.

Also today, the hospital received 3 million yuan (US$451,807) to set up a special foundation to support its research on the relationship between a person’s first 1,000 days with his or her entire life.

“Many congenital diseases are closely related with early development of the fetus and infants,” he said. “Nutrition, exposure to negative environmental events and other influences during pregnancy are all related with a child's future health.”

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