Improvements to lessen traffic accidents in foggy areas

Shanghai traffic police have improved driving conditions in fog-prone areas by installing new equipment to make navigation in the fog easier.

Cold, foggy winter nights can be a hazard for drivers on suburban expressways, leading to accidents every year. 

That's why Shanghai traffic police have worked hard to improve the situation in 33 locations within the city where fog most frequently appears.

New LED screens have been installed which remind drivers to proceed carefully and inform them of fog or accidents ahead, while retro-reflective road spikes and stripes have also been installed.

Brighter lights set up on fog-prone parts of expressways, turns and ramps are also expected to help drivers better navigate their way through the fog.

Those facilities can now be found on S26, S4, S32, S19, S36, G60, G40, G50, G2, G1501 and G15 expressways, Shanghai police announced today.

Police remind drivers not to use their high beam lights in the fog since it will be reflected and form a blindingly bright light source which can easily lead to traffic accidents.

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