Romance on the track

A partially sighted runner had a special helper – his wife. This was the first race that Lu Chenhui and Han Ying ran together since their wedding earlier this year.
Dong Jun / SHINE

Lu Chenhui (right) and his wife and guide Han Ying among the 38,000 runners at the Shanghai International Marathon yesterday. 

A visually impaired runner and his wife who is also his running companion, were among the 38,000 racers at yesterday’s marathon.

Lu Chenhui, 26, met his partner, Han Ying, 34, in a race in January last year. Han was a marathon amateur who joined a non-profit organization’s charity program beYoureyeS, which pairs blind and partially sighted running enthusiasts with experienced runners.

The two fell in love and married this year. Yesterday’s marathon was their first race since their wedding.

“Regardless of his weak sight, he is a considerate and thoughtful person. People often say that I’m his eyes, but for me, he is mine. It is he who always take care of me,” Han said. “Compared with the love he gives, the difficulty is much slighter.”

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