Shops urged to take precautions after supermarket tragedy

In the wake of Saturday's supermarket building collapse, inspections are to be launched to try to prevent such accidents happening again.

The city will strengthen inspections on supermarkets, eateries, hotels and kiosks to prevent major accidents from happening, Shanghai Administration of Work Safety said.

The action follows the fatal accident of a Jiadele supermarket outlet in Pudong's Zhuqiao Town in which three people lost their lives after a storage floor collapsed on Saturday.

The administration urged all shop owners and managers in the city to take responsibility for carrying out examinations of their premises and to put right anything found to be suspect or faulty.

Administration officials will work with the city’s commission of commerce and police to start a series of joint inspections targeting major commercial complexes and business streets. 

According to statistics, there have been three major safety accidents this year. Aside from Saturday's tragedy, a fire — caused by a gas leakage — in a noodle house on Wenshui Road E. in February took three lives. In July, five people were killed in a building collapse on Huajiang Road.

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