Botox helps reduce woman's facial spasms

A 55-year-old woman suffering from facial spasms for many years received Botox injections in Shanghai yesterday to treat the problem.
Botox helps reduce woman's facial spasms
Ti Gong

Dr Li Yufei from the No.455 Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army checks a woman with facial spasm before treatment with Botox.

Botulinum toxin, most widely known as Botox, is not just a miracle wrinkle remover, it can also treat medical conditions like facial spasms.

A 55-year-old woman from Jiangxi Province received Botox injections at the No.455 Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army in Shanghai yesterday to treat facial spasms that have affected the left side of her face for years.

Doctors said the woman suffers facial nerve spasm, which is a problem caused by the brain. “Botox injections can cut the connection between nerves and facial muscle to release the condition,” said Dr Li Yufei from the hospital’s plastic surgery department. 

“Patients can receive regular injections to ease and control the condition, which can’t be cured completely except with surgery — since brain surgery is costly and risky, Botox injections can be a good alternative for many patients.”

Doctors injected one dose of Botox in different positions on the woman’s face, greatly easing her spasms.

“The key for Botox therapy for patients with facial spasm is the accurate injection position and proper dosage for good treatment results while avoiding complications like facial paralysis,” Li added.

Botox is the name of just one brand of botulinum toxin, although it has gained popularity as a general term to describe the product.

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