A dash of color for the city's streets

The autumn landscape is being celebrated on a number of roads where leaves are being left where they lie – golden colors overhead for pedestrians and crispy foliage underneath.
A dash of color for the city's streets
Chen Xihan

Fallen leaves are left in situ on downtown's Sinan Road on Wednesday.

From Wednesday fallen leaves have been left on 29 streets across Shanghai to add a splash of color to the city's autumn landscape.

Visitors to streets such as Sinan, Julu, Hunan and Wukang roads  will be able to appreciate not only the golden canopies above their heads — but also the crispy fallen foliage beneath their feet.

Other streets include Guangfu, Hengshan, Yueyang, Xinhua, Yongfu, Yuyuan, Liyang, and Fuxing W. roads.

Most of the roads are lined with plane trees, and the city's greenery authorities said they have also added several streets with other varieties of trees this year for a more colorful foliage presentation. These include camphor, sweet gum, and locust trees and ginkgo.

Guangfu Road in Jing’an District features camphor tree and gingko, while Siping Road in Hongkou District is lined with gingko. Hongwan Road in Hongkou features sweet gum trees and Beinei Road in Songjiang District has both plane and locust trees.

The fallen leaves, however, are usually swept away at night. On wet and hazy days, the leaves will also be removed to ensure the safety of passers-by, according to the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau.

Meanwhile, the strongest cold front this autumn will affect Shanghai, bringing down the downtown temperatures to as low as 6 degrees Celsius at the weekend, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau. The mercury could be even lower in the suburbs. There will also be gales at the weekend.

Thursday is set to be overcast with light rain showers, and the temperature should range from 14 to 17 degrees.

Moderate rain is forecast for Friday, but the high should climb 2 degrees. Saturday will be overcast to cloudy, with the mercury up to 12 degrees. On Sunday, however, the temperature could drop to 6 degrees.

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