Drone catches truck driver using phone

Police said drones have recorded several hundred traffic offenses on expressways in Pudong since July.
Ti Gong / SHINE

A truck driver was caught holding a phone in his hand when driving on an expressway in Pudong on Wednesday morning — by a drone operated by traffic police.

Pudong police, who are the first in Shanghai to use drones in traffic law enforcement, said the remote control aircraft have provided evidence of a few hundred traffic offenses since July.

Besides drivers making or taking phone calls while driving, frequent offenses include illegal lane changing and trucks using passenger vehicle lanes on expressways.

Ti Gong / SHINE

Currently six traffic police officers have been trained to operate the drones, and more will join them in the future, Pudong police said.

Meanwhile, Shanghai police said cameras are being used to focus on law enforcement on G1501 and S20 expressways and Wuzhou Avenue.

Shanghai traffic police said cameras capable of detecting drivers holding a phone while driving have recorded 325 offenses from the end of August last year to the end of October this year.

The police declined to reveal the number of such cameras  but said they were placed along the city’s elevated roads and expressways including the Middle Ring Road, Yixian Elevated Road, Hongmei Road S. Tunnel as well as S4 and S20 expressways.

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