Upscale wedding show staged in historic Bund building

Bund 22 was originally built in 1906 for foreign financial institution Swire Pacific. It has now been developed into the city's customization service center.
Upscale wedding show staged in historic Bund building
Ti Gong

A modern fashion show is held in the Bund 22 historic building with wedding dress collections from Japanese brand YumiKatsura.

A week-long celebration of high-end fashion started over the weekend in a century-old historic building on the Bund which aims to become a fashion, boutique and culture center.

The management of the Bund 22, originally built in 1906 for foreign banking institution Swire Pacific, celebrated signing an agreement with tailor-made wedding dress brand YumiKatsura with a modern fashion show held in the six-story red-brick historic building.

Japanese designer Yumi Katsura paraded her elegant wedding dress collection during the show, including a wedding dress sewed with gold thread valued at 1.8 million yuan (US$270,000.)

The Bund 22 has gathered a batch of custom-made brands in the wedding, dining, health, medical, arts and tourism markets, in a bid to become the customization life center of the city, said Bund22 CEO Michelle Lee.

Apart from YumiKatsura, dozens of high-end clothing and jewelry brands have opened stores in the building, including custom-made gowns brand Guo Pei, French wedding dress Aolisha and Chinese jewelry brand C-Jewelry.

Upscale wedding show staged in historic Bund building
Ti Gong

The century-old Bund 22 at 22 Zhongshan No.2  Road E.

The century-old building is one of the oldest along the Bund, and the last historic building along the Huangpu River to be renovated and opened to the public around 2014. The eclectic-style building with arched windows and gates on the balcony is the southernmost of the dozens of historic buildings on the Bund.

A secret vault in which Swire Pacific stored gold bars was built in the underground level of the building, so it has long been regarded as a place with good feng shui

China’s earliest ballpoint pen factory, the Fenghua Pen Company, also was once based in the building.

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