Jiangsu offers old and new treats at food fair

Shanghai residents got to experience some new tastes from neighboring Jiangsu Province at the annual Jiangsu farmers' fair held in the city over the weekend.

Jiangsu Province's agricultural products made their annual tour to Shanghai over the weekend, with the debut of a few new goods, Shanghai's Agricultural Commission said.

Held at Shanghai's International Agricultural Exhibition Center, the Farmers' Fair features 700-plus farming products and processed foods from the 13 cities of Jiangsu. 

More than 340 companies, agricultural cooperatives and family farms presented their products to the Shanghai public.

Besides the traditional Jiangsu treats like Nanjing duck, Gaoyou salted egg and Yangcheng Lake crab, this year Jiangsu food manufacturers and retailers introduced some brand new products.

People who enjoy cooking now have a new, healthier choice when they need some oil with the debut of peony seed oil, a high-end dressing. Red taro and purple Chinese yam are another two new agricultural products that caught local residents' eyes.

But perhaps most promising was the introduction of Myoga, a healthy vegetable that comes from a village renowned for its residents' long lives.

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