2 blacklisted by FDA for adding crushed poppy shells to meals

A popular Sichuan dish was found to have the unexpected ingredients.

Two people who were found to have added crushed poppy shells to food in their eatery have been blacklisted by the city’s food and drug watchdog.

Ding Sifang was banned from engaging in production or being a manager in food firms for life after she was sentenced by Xuhui District People’s Court in March to six months behind bars for making and selling toxic food.

Market watchdog officials raided her eatery called Jiesheng last December 15, and tested addictive and banned ingredients found in "malatang," a Sichuan dish with meat and vegetables in a spicy soup.

Ding was detained immediately. She confessed adding crushed poppy shells to attract customers during the police interrogation.

The eatery had its business license revoked by Xuhui Food and Drug Administration on June 23.

The eatery’s legal representative Sheng Zhaobin was banned from opening an eatery and taking any managing positions in food firms for five years.

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