Local hospitals becoming smarter and more convenient

Shanghai Cancer Center signed an agreement with China UnionPay today to speed up payment procedures and save patients' time, among other changes helping make visits more friendly.
Ti Gong

A patient uses a self-service machine installed at Shanghai Cancer Center for quick registration, consultation and payment.

Local hospitals are trying to become smarter, saving you precious time and making hospital visits more friendly.

Registration, consultation, payment and even guidance for patients to better arrange their waiting time will be offered by new machines in some local hospitals.

Shanghai Cancer Center signed a cooperation agreement with China UnionPay today in order to reduce patients’ waiting time and improve hospital efficiency.

“The average time for a patient to pay their bill is about 30 seconds, while the quick payment service can shorten the process by 10 seconds according to the trial,” said Wu Jiong, vice president of Shanghai Cancer Center, a leading cancer treatment facility who served 1.28 million outpatients last year.

In addition to streamlining the medical service process, a "waiting hall without walls” will be set up, giving patients and their friends and families information about nearby stores, coffee shops and hotels in line with waiting times, all to help people better arrange their time and create a better environment inside the hospital.

Ti Gong

Shanghai Cancer Center and China UnionPay signed a cooperation agreement today to help make the hospital smarter.

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