Railway passenger fined for wearing a necklace with bullets

Police said the bullets could have exploded and injured people.

A man planning to take a train at Shanghai Railway Station was found to be wearing a necklace with two bullets as pendants. He was fined 200 yuan (US$30) for doing so, police said on Thursday.

The passenger, surnamed Zhan from Henan Province, was stopped at a security check gate at the railway station at 6:55pm on Wednesday after police spotted the suspicious objects.

The objects were later confirmed — by experts at the Shanghai Public Security Bureau — to be two unfired rifle bullets about 7 centimeters in length.

Zhan, 27, claimed that the bullets were given to him as gifts by a friend, according to the police. They added that the bullets could have exploded and injured people had they been hit by a hard object or exposed to hot temperatures, but Zhan said he was not aware of the danger.

He was fined for illegally carrying bullets.

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