Model citizens honored

Ten citizens, from brave cleaner to warm-hearted lawyer, are hornored for doing good.
Model citizens honored
Ti Gong

Ten Jing’an residents have won awards for service to the community.

Among them are lawyer Zhang Yuxia, who has dispensed free legal advice to 10,000 people in the past eight years, and Zhang Dayao, who does volunteer neighborhood repair work on home appliances.

Also honored is Good Samaritan Cheng Zongyin, who once risked his life to save an assault victim. While working in Pengpu Park in June 2015, he saw a bloodied woman being chased by a man wielding a knife. he tackled the assailant and was wounded in the rescue.

Commenting on the awards, Jing’an Party Chief An Lusheng said, “We are now building a beautiful Jing’an. It’s not only the matter of beautifying our streets and buildings. It’s also important for everyone to be nice and kind.”

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