The city's public transport to be smarter and greener

Shanghai aims to build a more environment friendly and efficient public transport system.

Shanghai has vowed to continue developing a green and smart public transportation system.

For example, around 47 percent of the city’s buses are environment friendly, but the city’s transport commission aims to lift the percentage to 60 in the near future. 

Meanwhile, the commission is also improving public transport in suburban areas. Fengxian District is building Shanghai’s first BRT (bus rapid transit) system which is set to debut by the end of this year. The first tram line in Songjiang will be tested in early 2018. All buses on Chongming Island, an environmental showcase for the city, would be electric by 2020.

On the other hand, the city plans to extend the length of metro track from 617 kilometers to 800 kilometers before 2020. All metro stations will integrate with buses or other public transportation in the future to help solve the “last kilometer” problem for passengers.

Shanghai was named one of the country’s top two transit metropolises today for the efforts its authorities and urban planners have made in promoting a green and smart public transport system.

17.96 million people take public transportation in Shanghai every day.

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