New era of captivating prospects

Snapshots capturing great moments of new Jing'an
Ti Gong

Night view of Jing'an Temple

Ti Gong

Jing'an Park, tuckawy in the crowded Nanjing Road W., is a rendezvous for citizens.

Ti Gong

Jing'an is home to many high technology firms which help the district to undergo a high-tech revolution.

Jing’an’s merger with the old Zhabei district  is only two years old, but signs of progressive change are everywhere.

The amalgamated district is cementing its rise as a preeminent center of commerce, innovation and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Medical and cultural services are offered to the doorstep. Co-work spaces and startup incubators are springing up. New technologies increasingly refine how we live and work.

Historic buildings are being rehabilitated.

Waterways across the district are being cleaned up and beautified with riverside parks and greenbelts.

Honoring the two-year anniversary of the new Jing’an, the district publicity department released a video outlining proud achievements. Here are some of the snapshots capturing this new dawn. 

Ti Gong

Interactive digital storytelling technologies are deployed to great effect in the renovated Memorial and Museum of the Second National Congress of the Communist Party of China, making it a popular destination for children.

Ti Gong

Grassroots doctors now offer medical services at doorstep.

Ti Gong

Riverside greenbelts are built to create an oasis for downtown dwellers.

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