Jiangxi specialties delight Shanghai with annual farmers' fair

Over 300 Jiangxi food retailers brought their agricultural products to Shanghai for an annual farm fair.

A farm fair highlighting products from Jiangxi Province's has been held over the weekend in Shanghai, with more than 300 agricultural retailers showing off their products.

The fair at Shanghai International Agricultural Exhibition Center ends today. 

Besides special Jiangxi food, visitors also enjoyed cultural events like traditional tea practice and singing performances, Shanghai's Agricultural Commission said.

Due to its historical bond with Shanghai's zhiqing — youth who left the urban areas to live and work in rural areas during the 1960s and 1970s — Jiangxi Province has cooperated with Shanghai for a long period through the fair and other endeavours.

This year more food retailers signed up to attend the fair than ever before, with some new products debuting, like the popular Nanfeng tangerine. Another Jiangxi fruit which featured was majiayou, a type of pomelo, and a Chinese grapefruit-like fruit that is low in sugar and sourness and can be eaten by people with diabetes.

Some food on the tribute list of ancient emperors were also brought to the fair, with slight changes to fit modern tastes.

Jiangxi retailers also cooperated with local e-commerce platforms to promote their products online as part of the fair.

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