Medical staff compete using newborn resuscitation skills

Medical staff from five provinces and municipalities participated in the nation's first competition on newborn resuscitation, a leading cause of newborn death and disability.
Ti Gong

Medical staff work on a dummy as part of the newborn resuscitation program.

A total of 11 teams of medical staff of neonatology departments from five provinces and municipalities participated in the nation’s first competition on newborn resuscitation in Shanghai yesterday.

The competition took place at the nation's biggest medical simulation center of gynecology and obstetrics at Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital, who are also a sponsor of the event.

All cases used in the competition were real cases encountered during clinical practice. 

Dr Liu Jiangqin, director of the hospital’s neonatology department, said suffocation is one of the major causes of death among newborn babies, and that it can also lead to cerebral paralysis and intelligence disorders. 

During the competition, a highly advanced dummy simulating different conditions of a newborn baby needing resuscitation is used to test medical staff, while standardized patients will play the roles of mothers and other relatives of the “baby” to consult and question medical staff. 

“Neonatal resuscitation training in China has been promoted, however previous training usually focused on skill training for one medical staff member instead of training for the whole procedure using teamwork,” Liu said. “The simulated training can further promote the capability of medical staff, who can grow from a new doctor into a real specialist.”

Ti Gong

Medical staff work on a dummy during the newborn resuscitation program.

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