Loosened restrictions attract more international cosmetic clinics

More overseas cosmetic clinics are opening in Shanghai and other mainland cities, thanks to loosened restrictions and the growing popularity of the sector.

The huge number of beauty seekers and loosened restrictions on private health facilities in the mainland are attracting a rising number of overseas cosmetic clinics to open shop here. 

Taiwan’s largest cosmetics brand, Starnic Aesthetic group, announced that it will target eastern China as its main market when opening more clinics in the mainland.

After opening one clinic in Shanghai’s Jing’an District two years ago, Starnic opened a new clinic in Changning District this month, with plans to open further clinics in Hefei in Anhui Province, Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, and Tianjin next year.

Statistics show the cosmetic surgery and therapy market in the mainland covers about 140 million people, some 22 percent of the female population. This figure will grow along with people’s further acceptance of cosmetic treatments and the rising quality of life.

In addition to the huge market, the opening-up of health markets in the mainland has also attracted overseas clinics and hospitals, who are opening more branches and facilities here.

Starnic officials said the procedure of application for its new clinic in Changning was much smoother and more simple than when they opened the first one two years ago.

“All the procedures for overseas medical facilities have become more friendly,” said Joseph Chang, general manager of the group.

The arrival of overseas clinics in the mainland also provides challenges and opportunities to local plastic surgery facilities, who said they have a chance to learn from their international counterparts.

Dr Li Zhanqiang, from Shanghai Mylike Cosmetic Hospital, said overseas clinics can bring more advanced theories and leading specialists for academic exchange.

Li just completed the translation of the Chinese version of Secondary Rhinoplasty by the Global Masters, an English academic book on rhinoplasty, featuring the opinions of some 70 international specialists. 

"Discussion with international experts can help local doctors develop more quickly," he said.

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