5 detained over Pudong tower fire

The fire broke out on the eighth floor of the 34-story CRC Times Square in downtown Pudong on Monday evening, but there were no casualties.

Five people have been detained in connection with the fire that broke out at CRC Times Square, a 34-story building in downtown Pudong, on Monday night, police said on Thursday.

The fire broke out around midnight on the eighth floor where welding work was going on, they added.

Fire brigade authorities had earlier said that the blaze began at 10:13pm and was extinguished before midnight with 10 fire trucks being used in the effort.

About 170 square meters of space was affected by the fire, but no one was injured or killed in the accident, they said.

Police revealed yesterday that four men were working to dismantle some objects on the eighth floor — which was to be refurbished — at the time when the fire started. Due to the construction work, business on the floor had been suspended.

The workers and the person in charge of the project, belonging to a construction company, were summoned by police to assist in the fire investigation.

The five could face the charge of “causing a serious accident due to negligence,” police said.

CRC Times Square is located on Zhangyang Road.

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