Creative journey of China's youth

Nearly 100 artworks created by China's most talented undergraduates are exhibited to the public. Admission are free.
Ti Gong

 “An Unbeatable Rival” by Wang Qingxin from Sculpture Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts

NEARLY 100 artworks created by China’s most talented undergraduates are exhibited to the public. Admission are free.

The biennale of the 5th National Undergraduate Public Visual Arts exhibition, began on Saturday at the Shanghai Design Center at 433 Baotun Road in Putuo District. It is part of Shanghai’s urban space art season this year, an annual citywide public exhibitions on arts and urban planning.

The exhibition, which will run through until January 22, 2018 is jointly organized by the Shanghai City Sculpture Commission Office and the Putuo district government.

The exhibition, themed on “Youth Orientation,” features 88 public visual artworks from more than 100 students from over 20 art institutions across the country.

“The exhibition presents the artistic creativity of contemporary Chinese college students and a new starting point for their journey of arts,” the organizer said.

The exhibition, that was initiated by the sculpture office and Putuo government in 2010, has become a popular exhibition on public artworks. It has become one of the most influential exhibitions of the same type in China in terms of exhibition scope, scale, academic value and quality.

The exhibits mainly include sculptures, art installations, new media and artworks with new materials. The organizer collected artworks from nearly all the nation’s major art colleges and universities.

Most of the artworks involve experience and criticism on social issues, personal expressions and the spirit of art exploration.

The nation’s most famous art critics and curators, such as Sun Zhenhua, director of the Public Art Center in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and Zhu Guorong, vice chairman of Shanghai Artists Association, have been invited to the academic committee to select the most outstanding works.

Famous local artist Yu Jiyong serves as the curator of the exhibition, while Xie Lin, a senior expert with the city’s urban sculpture commission, becomes the exhibition advisor.

“Public art is a universal concept, we hope that everyone would have the right to share and participate in art,” says Sun.

“At the same time, public art also emphasizes a regional character, a link to regional history, culture, customs and ordinary life,” he added.

The selected works highlight the artistic exploration and ideological trends of young college students. The judges emphasize on not only the quality and artistic value of works, but the coordination of work and environment and the interaction between the works and the public as well, according to the organizer.

A top prize, three second prizes and five third prizes have been selected from the artworks being exhibited. The top award for the winning young artist is 100,000 yuan (US$15,160).

All the exhibits will be collected by the Putuo District government. Some of the best works suitable for some areas outdoors and space have been displayed in the major public spaces in Putuo.

“While supporting the growth of young artists, the measure also contributes to enhancing the artistic qualities of urban public spaces and integrating the arts into the ordinary life of the general public,” the district government said.

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