7 officials warned over anti-graft rules

The officials violated the Party's eight-point code for frugality through actions such as receiving gifts.

Seven officials have been given warnings for violating the Party’s eight-point code for frugality, the city’s top anti-graft body said yesterday.

Ling Yun, director of the market watchdog for the Pengpu Xincun Community in Jing’an District, had accepted banquets and gifts from a local restaurant under his administration, the body said.

Zhang Yaofei, the headmaster of the Datong Middle School in Chongming District, had twice accepted banquets from firms doing business with the school.

Li Gang, director of the Environmental Art School of the Shanghai Art and Design Academy, was warned for using public funds to treat faculties to dine together. Also, he received money and gifts from firms in business with the school.

Chi Cheng, director of the Community Self-management Office at the Pujin Subdistrict in Minhang District, twice received prepaid shopping cards during holidays, the anti-graft agency said.

Xiao Feng, Feng Xinyu and Gao Yun, senior officials of the Yanji Xincun Subdistrict in Yangpu District, took the chance to organize dining and distribute gifts to others while treating visitors.

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