New off-ramp to ease Shanghai Railway Station traffic woes

The new Zhongxing Road ramp will ease congestion around the southern part of the station square.
Ti Gong

A new off-ramp on the North-South Elevated Road near the Shanghai Railway Station to open today is expected to relieve traffic pressure around the southern part of the station square.

The Zhongxing Road off-ramp will open from 8pm, Shanghai traffic police said yesterday.

Traffic is often congested in streets near the southern part of the square as well as the Tianmu Road viaduct of the North-South Elevated Road.

It's estimated that over 70 percent of the railway station's passengers enter the station from its northern side.

The new off-ramp is between the Tianmu Road and Gonghexin Road viaducts of the elevated road near the northern side of the square.

It will allow vehicles to avoid the congestion in the south if they are headed to the northern side.

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