New Metro lines to run trial operations

Metro Line 17 and the east extension of Line 9 is set to debut on December 30, Metro operators have announced.

One of the world's longest Metro networks is set to get longer this week as Metro Line 17 and the east extension of Line 9 are set to debut on December 30, Metro operators announced.

Line 17 to stretch 35 kilometers

Line 17 runs 35 kilometers from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and ends at Oriental Land Station in suburban Qingpu District, with 13 stations along the route. It will be the only Metro line that connects Qingpu and the downtown area.

Hongqiao Railway Station on Line 17 will connect to Metro lines 2 and 10.

Passengers travelling on Line 2 from Pudong International Airport Station to Xujing E. Station can interchange with Line 17 across the same platform. But passengers travelling on Line 10 and Line 2 from the opposite direction still have to walk down the station hall to interchange with Line 17.

In order to provide a better service to passengers commuting from the suburbs, Qingpu District has planned 21 new bus routes that connect to Metro stations. Bus transit hubs have been built near Huijin Road Station, Caoying Road Station and Zhujiajiao Station.

Parking lots have also been built at 8 stations along the line for people to park their cars before transferring to the subway.

Line 9 extension

On the other hand, the east extension of Line 9 will cover a length of 13.8 kilometers from Yanggao Road M. Station to Caolu Station. Passengers can interchange with Line 12 at Jinhai Road Station.

According to the Metro operators, the Pujiang Line — which was planned to debut with the other two lines — will have to wait until the first season of 2018 since that line will feature a first: driverless technology. Tests are still underway.

Other Metro news and changes

The Metro operators also said Line 1, Line 2, Line 7, Line 8, Line 9 and Line 10 will have late night services on December 30 and 31.

Meanwhile, Nanjing Road E. Station of Line 2 and Line 10 will be closed at 8pm on December 31. The first entrance of Xintiandi Station at Line 1 and Line 10 will do the same, so passengers will need to enter the station from other entrances.

Metro operators also revealed that from December 30, Line 2 going to Pudong International Airport and Line 10 going to New Jiangwan Town will open doors on both sides at Hongqiao Airport's Terminal 2 Station. Passengers can use platforms 3 and 6 to interchange within the Metro station, but the interchange method at the station in the opposite direction will remain the same.

After the two new Metro lines commence, the total length of Shanghai Metro will reach 666 kilometres.

Ti Gong

New map of Shanghai Metro system.

Ti Gong

Route map of Line 9.

Ti Gong

Route map of Line 17.

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