Traffic restrictions in place for New Year events

Some of roads in downtown Shanghai will be off limits for vehicles as the city gears up for New Year celebrations.
Chen Jie / SHINE

Shanghai will close a few streets for traffic on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Metro trains will not stop at Nanjing Road E. station on New Year’s Eve from 8pm to 1am. Exit 1 of Xintiandi station will also be closed at the same time.

Vehicles will not be allowed on roads near the Bund like Beisuzhou Road, Waibaidu Bridge, Xizang Road N., Beijing Road W., Chengdu Road N., Yan’an Road E., Xizang Road S., Fuxing Road E. and Waimalu Road.

The off-ramp at Jiangxi Road on Yan’an Elevated Road will be closed, but cars can go through the Bund Tunnel.

In Xintiandi area, vehicles will have no access to Danshui Road, Fuxing Road M., Xizang Road S. and Huaihai Road M.

Similar ban will also apply to Hubin Road between Huangpi Road S. and Jinan Road as well as Shunchang Road between Chongde Road and Hubin Road from 12pm on December 30 to 1am on New Year’s Day.

The Dongjin ferry line over the Huangpu River between Dongchang Road station and Jinlin Road E. station will also be shut, as will the Bund Sighting Tunnel.

On December 30 and January 1, police officers will be posted near city landmarks and at crowded places.

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