Diners' disgust at cockroach in their drinks

An outlet of Italian-style fast food restaurant chain Saizeriya has been ordered to clean, disinfect or replace beverage machines after a cockroach find.

A cockroach is spotted in a cup of milk at a Saizeriya restaurant. 


The leg of a cockroach can be seen in this glass of orange juice at a Saizeriya restaurant. 

An outlet of Italian-style fast food restaurant chain Saizeriya in Hongkou District is being investigated and all its beverage machines have been suspended in the wake of a cockroach scandal.

The suspension came after two diners — a husband and wife — said they spotted a cockroach in a cup of milk and the leg of cockroach in a cup of orange juice at the restaurant on Sichuan Road N. on Tuesday night.

"It was really disgusting as I had already drunk some milk before I saw the bug, which made me almost vomit," said Chen Xihan.


Rust is seen inside one beverage machine. 


A beverage machine is opened for checks.

There are three self-service drink dispensers at the restaurant serving beverages such as milk, tea, cola and hot chocolate.  The diners also had some other drinks from the machines before seeing the cockroach and the leg.

They asked the restaurant operator to suspend the machines for a thorough test.

"However, after almost half an hour, the machines were still operating, and we then tipped off authorities," said Chen.

The beverage machines were opened this morning by officials with the Hongkou District Market Supervision and Management Bureau. Officials said they found a spider and a spider's web inside one machine.

Rust was also seen on the metal plates inside the machine.


The drinks dispenser bar at the restaurant

The drinks dispenser bar at the restaurant did not have any pest prevention measures, officials found.

The restaurant operator has been ordered to rectify the situation with the restaurant ordered to clean, disinfect or replace the machines, officials said.

The self-service beverage machines can only operate again after officials have carried out further checks, according to the watchdog.

"I am a frequent visitor to the restaurant because it serves food fast and its food is delicious, however, I will not visit it as bug in drinks is unbearable," said Amanda Chen, an employee working at a foreign trade company in an office building near the restaurant.

Businesses producing or selling rotten, spoiled, mildew and dirty food can be fined up to 100,000 yuan (US$15,390) if the product value is lower than 10,000 yuan, or up to 20 times the value if it is over 10,000 yuan, according to China's food safety law.

The Japanese-owned Saizeriya has some 100 outlets in Shanghai.

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