Half of local children aged 10 suffer myopia

As high as half of local 10-year-old children suffer myopia. Doctors warn myopia prevention and control are far from perfect in the city.

Around half of local 10-year-olds suffer from short sight as high myopia has become the top cause of blindness among city residents, doctors told a forum which ended yesterday.

“Myopia prevention and control is far from enough, as the public doesn’t have high awareness,” said Dr Zhou Xingtao of Shanghai Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital.

“For children, one hour of outdoor activity every day can effectively prevent and control myopia. Strong academic pressure, long-time use of computers and iPads and a lack of outdoor exercise can cause myopia.”

Zhou added: “Moreover, vision is not simply judged by eye chart. We suggest parents take children to hospital for regular checks and doctors can give early intervention and treatment.” Zhou said, “Proper treatment can also prevent myopia developing into high myopia, which affects 3 percent of local residents.”

In addition to prevention and control, doctors said surgery is an effective therapy for myopia but warned patients to visit qualified hospitals.

“Not all people are suitable for surgery, which needs strict checks and evaluation,” Zhou said.

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