Tumor as big as her body removed from newborn girl

A baby receives surgery to remove a huge tumor as big and heavy as her own body, local doctors said, while urging increased awareness of tumors in children.
Xinhua Hospital

The baby girl is operated on at Xinhua Hospital to remove her tumor.

A newborn girl had a huge tumor as big as her body successfully removed at a local hospital and will be allowed home in two or three weeks, doctors said on Tuesday.

The baby, younger sister of a twin girls, received the surgery six days after delivery to remove the 20-centimeter-long tumor. Doctors from Xinhua Hospital said the girl is expected to grow up as healthy child with only a scar on the hip.

Her 32-year-old mother, a Jiangsu Province native who suffered from infertility, received in vitro fertilization last year and became pregnant with twins. However, prenatal checks at 16 weeks found a lump on one of the baby's hips.

Local doctors recommended the family go to Xinhua Hospital, where the lump was confirmed as a teratoma, a tumor made up of several different types of tissue, such as hair, muscle or bone.

“After a thorough check, we suggest the mother continue her pregnancy for the growth of the girls, as we must ensure the safety of the healthy girl and allow the sick girl to grow mature enough to survive the surgery, because most teratomas are benign” said Dr Pan Weihua, director of Xinhua’s pediatrics department. “A child with teratoma should receive a surgery within one month after delivery. Or about 30 percent of inborn teratoma will become cancerous.”

Tumor is a second leading cause of children’s deaths, following accidental trauma. Though the incidence of tumors in children is not high itself, it has been rising in recent years along with the increase in women getting pregnant at older ages. The prevalence of IVF treatment may be also be a cause, doctors said.

When the twins were delivered at 35 weeks by cesarean section, the teratoma had grown as big as the girl’s body.

When doctors removed the tumor on January 3, they found it weighed 2.1 kilograms, almost the same weight of the baby herself.

“The girl is in stable condition and recovering well,” Pan said.

Xinhua Hospital
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