Top brands Dunlop, adidas fail quality tests

More than a quarter of clothing checked by the city's market watchdog failed quality tests, officials said. Among them were items from adidas and Dunlop. 

More than a quarter of clothing, including batches from adidas and Dunlop, checked by the city's market watchdog failed quality tests, officials said yesterday.

Some were substandard for failing China's compulsory pH index standard, color fastness, fiber content and instructions, while other clothing did not match what was said on the label, according to the Shanghai Industry and Commerce Administration.

The bureau checked 125 batches of clothing, most claiming to be sun-proof, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and quick drying, of 48 brands. They were sold at 19 shopping malls in Jing'an, Changning, Minhang, Huangpu, Yangpu, Hongkou districts and the Pudong New Area.

A batch of Johansson men's shirts sold at the Gubei outlet of Carrefour failed for pH index. Substandard pH index in clothing can cause skin allergies, leading to itching or pain, officials said.

A batch of Lonsdale jackets for women sold at Youyicheng Shopping Mall in Yangpu failed for color fastness. Dye in clothing with poor color fastness can bleed onto the skin, which can be harmful, said officials.

Three batches of Ganesh casual coats for men sold at the Jiuguang Department Store in Jing'an District failed for water vapor permeability, which was lower than both that of China's standard and what was indicated on the label, according to the bureau.

The index indicates the ability of the clothing to deal with moisture from water and sweat. If the index is substandard, the fabric will have no effect in water vapor permeability, officials said.

Two batches of fast dry trousers branded 3•UNUSUL and sold at the New World Department Store in Huangpu District were found to have a lower water absorption rate than labeled. The index reveals the fabric's ability to absorb sweat quickly and keep the body dry, officials said.

A batch of adidas jackets and a batch of Dunlop jackets both sold at Friendship Shopping Center in Minhang District failed for hydrostatic pressure resistance, according to the bureau.

The higher the hydrostatic pressure resistance index, the better the fabric can resist rain water permeation, said the bureau.

The substandard index meant that the clothing could not effectively protect wearers against the rain, officials said.

Businesses involved have been ordered to stop selling substandard products, and check their stock.

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