Man arrested after row about noise

A request to stop sorting garbage because of the noise escalates into a fight and a man is held by police for an alleged knife attack.

A man alleged to have attacked a garbage sorter with a knife because of the noise has been arrested, Putuo District prosecutors said.

The suspect, surnamed Wu, 21, and his mother shared a three-bedroom apartment with an elderly couple who made a living from recycling waste.

Prosecutors said that when Wu was resting in his room at 9pm on October 25 last year, the couple were sorting garbage in the living room. Wu asked them to stop because of the noise but they didn’t listen, prosecutors said.

Wu is said to have spat on the husband, surnamed Zhang, and the dispute escalated. A fight ensued, prosecutors said, during which Wu beat Zhang on his head. Zhang managed call the police when his wife took a stick to beat Wu, they said.

Wu is alleged to have then produced a fruit knife and cut Zhang on the head. Prosecutors said Wu's mother and Zhang’s wife grabbed the knife before police arrived. Zhang suffered slight injuries.

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