Restaurant chain to beef up its cleaning regime

After a cockroach scandal, Japanese Italian-style restaurant chain Saizeriya announces a number of measures to eliminate hygiene hazards

Italian-style restaurant chain Saizeriya said today it will increase the frequency of regular cleaning of its kitchen appliances and upgrade its drink bars to eliminate hygiene hazards following a cockroach scandal.

The self-service hot drink dispensers at its Sichuan Road N. outlet were not sealed thoroughly, leading to pest invasion, it said in a statement on its website. In addition, inadequate cleaning was to blame, it said.

The restaurant suspended operation of its self-service beverage machines at all outlets  after two diners spotted a cockroach in a cup of milk and the leg of cockroach in a cup of orange juice at the outlet on Sichuan Road N. on January 2.

The restaurant will not be using beverage machines with potential food safety hazards and will conduct a thorough cleaning and maintenance of other drink dispensers, even if they pass checks by the city's food watchdog, it said.

In addition, the restaurant will also increase the cleaning frequency of dining areas and adjust the pest prevention period.

Officials with the Hongkou District Market Supervision and Management Bureau found a spider and a spider’s web inside one beverage machine the following day after the "extremely disgusting dining experience" as described by one diner.

Rust was also seen on metal plates inside the machine.

The Japanese-owned Saizeriya chain has some 100 outlets in Shanghai.

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