Local doctors work on facial paralysis treatment guideline

Facial paralysis is a common disease that lacks guidelines. Improper treatment can delay and even deteriorate the condition, doctors say, so they are developing a plan...
Xinhua Hospital

Dr Li Shiting from Xinhua Hospital gives a speech at the meeting of the World Neurosurgeon Federation of Cranial Nerve Disorders, which wound up in the city yesterday.

Local doctors are leading the establishment of the nation’s first clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of facial paralysis, doctors told a meeting of the World Neurosurgeon Federation of Cranial Nerve Disorders which would up in the city yesterday.

“Facial paralysis is related with nerve problems, and improper treatment like blind acupuncture will cause the condition to deteriorate rather than improving it," said Dr Li Shiting from Xinhua Hospital. 

“A lack of guidelines means doctors in different departments use their own therapies based on their experiences, but we want to regulate treatment and benefit patients through evidence-based medicine.”

Experts said there are many reasons that could lead to facial paralysis like infection, trauma and tumors — proper checkups and evaluation are very important.

“Mild facial paralysis can be cured quickly after proper rest and taking certain medication, while about 10 percent of serious conditions must receive surgery for intervention,” Li said. 

He said he has seen many patients who are delayed proper treatment after visiting different hospitals and receiving "improper treatment," which will change once new guidelines are implemented.

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