Deliveryman detained after theft of expensive baijiu

Police said a suspect alleged to have stolen nine bottles of baijiu from an apartment in Baoshan District returned to the apartment later to erase his fingerprints.

A deliveryman has been detained in connection with theft from an apartment, Shanghai police said on Monday.

The suspect, surnamed Zhu, is alleged to have stolen nine bottles of expensive baijiu, or white spirit, from the apartment in Baoshan District on the early afternoon of January 9.

A home surveillance camera in the living room caught the thief entering the apartment twice that day, first around 12pm and then three hours later.

Ti Gong

A home surveillance camera captures video of a man stealing bottles of baiju from an apartment in the city's Baoshan District.

A resident of the apartment reported the burglary to the police about 3:30pm the same day, and Baoshan police detained Zhu about four hours later still wearing his work jacket with his company name “Hema” on it.

According to police, Zhu admitted committing the burglary and said he had returned to the apartment later to erase his fingerprints.

They said Zhu entered the first-floor apartment because a window was open and no one answered when he knocked on the door.

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