Jilted husband to be tried for illegally imprisoning his wife

Prosecutors say a man who suspected his wife was having an affair tied her up and threatened her as he tried to find out what had caused them to split up. 

A man accused of imprisoning and hurting his ex-wife as he tried to figure out why they had split up is to be tried for illegal imprisonment, according to prosecutors in Songjiang District.

The suspect, surnamed Yu, and his wife, surnamed Zhao, split up last August as their personalities were incompatible, prosecutors said, but Yu believed it was because Zhao was cheating on him. He visited Zhao on September 18, determined to find out the cause of their separation.

Zhao let him in after Yu said he had come for his belongings but then, prosecutors said, he attacked her, tying her hands and legs with tape. 

When Zhao refused to unlock her mobile phone so Yu could check it, he stabbed her in the leg and arm with scissors and rubbed salt on the wounds, according to prosecutors. When she tried to call for help he taped her mouth shut, they added. 

Still refusing to reveal the phone's password, Zhao was slapped on the face and threatened that her nose would be cut and she would be disfigured, prosecutors said.

Police called at the house some hours later after a visitor, whose identity was not revealed, knocked on the door and became suspicious after getting no answer.

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